Delivery of materials to:  mediamainonta(a) 

Digital: tel. 010 665 2991

Print: tel. +358 10 665 8130



Basic materials must be submitted no later than three (3) full business days before the start of the campaign by 12.00 am and special materials five (5) full business days before the start of the campaign by 12.00 am. In content marketing solutions, the delivery time is 1-2 weeks before the start of the campaign, depending on the product and the solution.

Please enter the name of the advertising client and campaign time in the title field. In addition, state in the message:

  1. the name of the advertiser
  2. campaign time
  3. advertising solution
  4. number of impressions
  5. The URL to which the ad clicks will be directed

Advertising materials can be submitted as image files (jpg, gif, and png), HTML5, third-party tags, or zip files.

All data and any tracking pixels must be HTTPS compliant.

Note! When emailing materials, enter the name and campaign time of the advertising client in the subject line.


Delivery of content marketing materials:

Materials must be delivered in accordance with the guidelines and schedule before the campaign starts.

  • Please submit content display and native article materials at least 5 working days before the agreed publication date.
  • When submitting materials, please include the ad format, advertiser name and publication date in the subject line of the email
  • It is recommended to send all the materials in the same e-mail




Material delivery and publishing schedule for Alma Business Media magazines:


Material delivery schedule for ILTALEHTI and KAUPPALEHTI:

Reservations and materials two (2) business days prior to publication.

The material must be submitted in accordance with the delivery instructions on the following schedule:

Publication date: Material date:
Monday  Thursday 2 p.m.
Tuesday  Friday at 2 p.m.
Wednesday  Monday at 2 p.m. 
Thursday  Tuesday at 2 p.m.
Friday  Wednesday at 2 p.m.
Saturday   Thursday 2 p.m.


Reservations and materials for Kauppalehti's classified advertisements three (3) working days before publication.

Reservations and materials for Iltalehti's major editions three (3) working days before publication, with the exception of Juhannuslehti five (5) working days before publication.

The material coming to Iltalehti must be submitted electronically. Contact information must be included in the email.

Material coming to Iltalehti's specialty magazines can also be transferred to Iltalehti as a line transfer at: The username and password can be obtained from Iltalehti's media service, tel. +358 10 665 8007.