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Conversion-based advertising is online advertising in which the advertiser only pays for the actual results of the advertising. It focuses primarily on the results set in line with the objectives, not on the volume of visibility. Results-based advertising is particularly well-suited for controlling visitor traffic and promoting e-commerce sales.

Alma Businessmedia offers a click-based model for results-based advertising. Advertising is risk-free because the advertiser only pays for actual clicks. In Alma Business Media, advertising is displayed in a secure media environment on domestic and well-known Alma Media websites. The ad distribution system optimizes your ads to appear on the sites and placements where it works best.

The price of a click in the auction is determined by the competition. The system optimizes your ads for the sites and placements that bring you the best results. Therefore, visibility on individual sites or placements is not guaranteed. The material must be instructive and include, for example, an invitation, competition or offer.

Continuous conversion-based advertising is an effective way to reach potential customers at just the right time. To ensure good results, long-term work is recommended. Getting started is quick and easy. Set a goal for the campaign, plan the materials to support it, think about the time of the campaign and the appropriate budget - and we are ready to start.

Material instructions:

Please note the following special features in connection with results-based advertising, among other material guidelines.

Exchange of material

During the campaign, the material can be changed once during the campaign. We recommend that you submit all materials prior to the campaign, even if they are run only later in the campaign.

Multiple material versions can be submitted for the campaign. The system optimizes towards the best performing materials. We do not guarantee a certain visibility or number of clicks between materials.

More detailed material instructions

Ads can be submitted as image (jpg, gif, png & html5), or alternatively as a third-party tag

The maximum size of the materials is 100 kb

The materials must also be accompanied by the URL to which the ad clicks will be directed. Each material can be provided with its own URL or tracking.

The material must be clickable from the entire area

The material may be slightly animated, but it should still be click-through. The material must not contain audio or video.

Material must be click-driven (prompt, competition, offer, etc.)

The ad must clearly display the advertiser's name or logo.

Invalid material

Alma Media is not responsible for any delays in the processing of the material and the start of the campaign due to the inaccuracy of the material.

Alma Media reserves the right not to publish material that it deems inappropriate or that does not comply with the above terms.


Allowed Targets: Geo, Device, Demographics (Age and Gender), and General Areas of Interest

A campaign can take advantage of multiple targeting with an "or" term to show that ad to both audiences. For example, 25-44 year olds or those interested in bench sports.

The campaign can take advantage of provincial or terminal targeting and other targeting to show that ad to both audiences. For example, Uusimaa and those interested in motor vehicles or Uusimaa and 25-44 years old.

A campaign cannot combine two or more interest or demographic targeting with the 'and' criteria, so both targeting criteria must be met. For example, 25-44 year olds and those interested in bench sports.